1.- Description

Aixeena Easy Component lets you to create your own Joomla component in one minute.

You only need to upload your PHP file by FTP, then select it in the component menu settings and you’ll have your own component view with your own PHP code.

Upload your php file to the module components/com_easysource//includes folder

2.- Features

  • Create your own Joomla component in just a minute.
  • Work with your own PHP file using the Joomla FrameWork methods.

3.- Install / Configuration

  • Download Zip file
  • Install it through Joomla Extension Manager
  • Go to Menus > Add a new menu item with the default Easy Component view.
  • Select your uploaded PHP file.

4.- Important notes

Remember that this extension is free and GNU licensed, so is not mandatory a support service, and no there is not warranty using it on your sites.

5.- Author & License

This extension is developed by Top Position as a free and open source software.

This extension is sponsored, so integrates a link to the sponsor.

You can hide the sponsored link, but note that this is the only way to keep this extension free.

This extension is licensed under GNU/GPL 2, http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html