Little by little, the concepts of digital identity and online reputation are expanding, closely linked.

Who are your company or your brands on the Internet? Have you built a coherent digital identity?

In any case, you have to understand that your company or your brands have a digital identity on the network, in permanent construction. If you do not manage it, that identity is being created regardless of what you think, with all the risks that this entails.

To design an appropriate strategy, the first thing we must do is listen and process systematically what is said about us.

Identidad Digital

To do this, at Top Position we develop active listening systems adapted to each client. They are not automated systems, but are developed by our professionals. If the amount of information is high, we perform a statistical analysis, which allows the data to be analyzed effectively. That is, in other words, if there are tens of thousands of news or entries in posts or tweets (on twitter) of your company per month, we carry out a solid statistical sampling of all that data to be able to present clear results to you effectively about fluctuations, trends, or emerging issues.

Likewise, we adapt active listening to different brands or products and also to the channels you want.

In addition, we have Digital 360 a product of our marketing and communication consultancy. It is a complete digital marketing tool that integrates the most relevant data for any digital marketing strategy. Its dashboard allows you to visually and intuitively review Google Analytics traffic data, search engine positioning of our website, advertising results, social media data, email and call campaigns, and digital reputation.

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