What is HubSpot?

At Top Position we are Partners of HubSpot, one of the most powerful and complete inbound marketing, automation marketing, sales and customer service tools on the market. We can offer you detailed advice focusing at all times on generating income and sales for your business.

HubSpot is one of the most demanded platforms, with more than 60,500 clients in 100 countries. Known to its founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, creators of the concept of inbound marketing, this tool has become popular with professionals in the marketing and sales sector. From large companies such as Shopify or Deloitte, to start-ups that bet on the digital world, boost their growth through the different functionalities of the tool.

How does Hubspot work?

Initially, it started as software exclusively dedicated to the marketing sector, which was extended to sales with the creation of CRM and functionalities focused on commercial teams. More recently, inbound services have been added, which closes what Hubspot calls the flywheel.

herramienta de inbound marketing

As you can see, HubSpot covers all areas to work to grow our business: get new business opportunities, make these opportunities available  to new customers and offer an excellent service to have satisfied customers who recommend us to new customers.

This wide offer is based on studies that determined that the main growth engine of companies is the word of mouth of customers. A satisfied client can be more beneficial and impactful for our consulting than commercial actions or advertising.

Therefore, HubSpot has the following tools and functionalities:

herramienta inbound marketing

What can you find on HubSpot?

The platform is divided into different tools to work comprehensively:

  • Marketing automation: Create automated marketing actions and flows for lead nurturing and lead scoring.
  • Email: Send newsletters or automate emails quickly and easily.
  • Landing pages: Create landing pages very easily and collect all the information from the conversion process.
  • Sites: It has its own content manager to design and publish web pages with integration of all sales and marketing tools and analytics.
  • Social networks: Schedule, publish and monitor on social networks. It also allows you to create payment campaigns.
  • Analytics: Integrates analytics from all channels to successfully measure the performance of every digital marketing action.
  • Blogging: The creation and publication of content on blogs is also included in this software.
  • CRM: The business development team will be able to organize, monitor and nurture relationships with sales opportunities and customers. They can manage contacts, organize tasks, integrate Gmail and Outlook or schedule meetings, among other actions. The database is shared, so the different departments in the organization work with the same registration system. This allows for a smoother transition between teams and a much more enjoyable customer experience.

What advantages does HubSpot offer you?

One of the main advantages of HubSpot is that it brings together everything you need in your digital marketing strategy on the same platform. Among the list of benefits that we can achieve with it, we include:

  • Optimize the time and the sales result, since the leads we receive will be much better qualified. Clients can be segmented according to their needs, characteristics or objectives to be able to approach them in a much more personalized and efficient way. Constant and real-time updates provide us with very valuable data. In addition, we can identify which leads are converted into sales and thus find out what is the true return on investment.
  • Automation helps us to be faster and more efficient. One of the most outstanding benefits of HubSpot CRM is automation when uploading data to the platform. The system automatically integrates the leads that enter through HubSpot to the CRM, which represents a significant saving of time and reduces margins of error.
  • Reduces costs. There are different platforms that offer the services that we mentioned before. However, the investment is lower if we contract a single platform that brings them all together.
  • Analyze all actions. HubSpot Analytics measures the efficiency of all campaigns thanks to integrated tools, which provide information on marketing and sales figures: the quantity and quality of traffic to your website, visits to content, conversion rates, prospects, effectiveness from landing pages and emails, comparison of closed businesses and much more.

What other services does HubSpot provide you?

As we have explained before, HubSpot is a company that, apart from developing and commercializing the software that bears the same name, also offers many interesting services and resources.

We have seen that its founders were the ones who promoted the inbound marketing philosophy, which has since been expanded to form what we know as inbound methodology.

Although we are not users of your software, HubSpot offers many free resources to learn how to make the most of this methodology and apply it to our consulting. Some of these interesting resources are:

  • Blog de Hubspot.
  • Recursos descargables.
  • Hubspot Academy.
  • Hubspot Research.

Digital Marketing Agency HubSpot: what value do we offer?

HubSpot has a partner program in which digital marketing agencies like Top Position participate by offering inbound services to help their clients grow.

If you are thinking of inbound strategies to grow your business, having a HubSpot partner with extensive experience offers you many advantages.

The same partner can offer you many services, including inbound marketing strategies, inbound sales, training and consulting, content creation, web design and development, etc.

The important thing before deciding whether or not to hire HubSpot is to be clear about the situation your business is in and the points for improvement and, therefore, to know how the inbound strategy can fit to help you get where you want to go.

With a tool as powerful as HubSpot you can do it more easily and have fully integrated data and everything you may need in a few clicks.

How can we help you?

For more information about HubSpot or to request a custom quote, please contact us.