Word of mouth is known as the oldest and best marketing strategy to reach consumers.

The great growth of Social Networks as a communication tool has taken the “word of mouth” of modern relationship marketing to a new phase, where some users greatly influence the decisions of others. They are the influencers. With them, influencer marketing is born.

Studies of the sector reveal that 7 out of 10 users buy on the Internet based on the recommendations of an influencer on Instagram, YouTube or Twitter, among other social networks.

An influencer, influencer or “brand ambassador” has the ability to motivate and inspire through their social profiles, to convince their followers to carry out a certain action; It also helps build a relationship of trust between followers and a brand, a relationship that will build credibility for your products or services.

There is talk of celebrities, macroinfluencers or micro-influencers, depending on the profile of each. They specialize by sector. Depending on what your goals are.

At Top Position we can help you conceive, develop and apply a winning influencer marketing strategy for your business, managing your campaign with the influencers who contribute the most to you to achieve your goals – be it brand launch or reinforcement, conversion, promotions, etc.

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