Digital 360 is the product of our marketing and communication consultancy, Top Position. It is a complete digital marketing tool that integrates the most relevant data for any digital marketing strategy. Its dashboard allows you to visually and intuitively review Google Analytics traffic data, search engine positioning of our website, advertising results, social media data, email and call campaigns, and digital reputation.

Main Panel

In just one glance you can see all the data in a personalized way, since it can be configured by choosing the information and the period of time that we need.

This digital marketing tool is very visual, intuitive and easy to use. Up to 50 custom dashboards can be configured with graphs, maps, or numerical data. Everything is designed so that there is no room for doubt.

panel principal Digital 360


On one side, you will find the sections where the fundamental data is included. The SEO part tops the list. It is divided into seven sections:

Keyword positions. You will be able to see the position in Google and Bing of your keywords, as well as the last time they have been reviewed, their variation over time, the result of Google searches for each of those terms, the location …

Links and domains. In the same section, you can see the number of domains and links received, in addition to the anchor texts used. Data on new and lost links is also included.

Audit. With this 360 digital marketing tool, you will know all the errors of your website in just one click. The audit is complete and thorough. You can identify the

Finally, data from Google Search Console, Google My Business, Bing and Webmaster Tools can be analyzed.

SEO Digital 360


In the Analytics section, information reigns regarding the user. We can connect our Analytics account to get to know our audience, check their movements, their tastes, which area of ​​the web they visit the most, their way of interacting with Google … In short, this marketing tool offers a specific and highly detailed vision of their audience, which translates into valuable information to continue developing your strategies or analyzing their evolution.

Specifically, the tool provides you with the following data: channels through which they reach the web, number of sessions, duration, sociodemographic data and the device through which they connect, among others.

Spinning with the strategies and the monitoring of the audience, we can see the statistics related to the objectives and events that we have created.

Analytics Digital 360

Social networks

Today social networks are essential and have become the pillars of many campaigns or businesses. They are an essential point on the list when creating a company or event that wants to have visibility on the Internet.

Part of the success of your website is concentrated in them. Digital 360 brings together the 5 most used networks of the moment: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. It shows you again in detail all its activity in them.

On Facebook, we can analyze, among other data, how many followers we have lost or gained in a given time, the interaction of the audience with our publications, the scope and features such as the age or location of our users.

On Twitter, you can see the increase in followers, and the interactions they have with the account, such as how many “I like you” or retweets have been achieved in a month.

As for YouTube, we can see how many subscribers we are gaining, how many times a video plays and the duration of permanence in it, check how many comments it has received or the times it has been shared.

The same goes for Instagram, all the data related to their interaction is present in the digital marketing tool.

LinkedIn is the most current social network of the five. And digital 360 also stops to analyze it. In your case, being focused on the business field, we can find other personal data, but related to working life, such as the size of the company, seniority in the company and the sectors in which our followers work.

Redes sociales 360

Ads (Digital Advertising)

In addition, this tool integrates all the data from the Internet advertising campaigns that we are carrying out.

Google Ads

It allows you to know the clicks received, the campaign what more clicks you have had and data such as conversions, costs, etc.

We can also find the analysis of the ad groups of our campaigns and the keywords that are being used.

Anuncios Digital 360

Facebook and LinkedIn Ads

The same thing happens with ads on Facebook or LinkedIn Ads. We can see the performance of our campaigns, ads and demographic statistics quickly and easily.

During the time frame we’ve marked, we’ll look at which platforms have been most successful with campaigns and a detailed summary on clicks, impressions, CPC, CTR, and audience demographics.

In LinkedIn Ads, the data on the sectors that have had the highest conversion rate or the campaigns with the best CTR have been added by industry, company size, country, seniority or job function.

Also, Digital 360 allows you to connect the ads in Bing Ads and AdRoll.

Call Tracking

For example, one of the indicators of the success of your campaigns is found in the calls received by the user, to obtain information about the product or service. This digital marketing tool is capable, with the collaboration of other tools such as Avanser, Call Rail or Marchex, to monitor existing call and / or mailing campaigns. It offers us data on the sources from which these calls arrive, how many are answered, their duration …

Call Rall Digital 360


The same goes for sent emails. Integrating in your case the tools of Mailchimp or Constant Contact, we will contrast the opening rate, the losses, the visits to the web, etc.

Digital reputation

This digital marketing tool takes into account another essential section for your company and Internet presence: digital reputation. Your reputation and image can be worked on and improved with a good strategy behind it, such as reviewing the comments your consumers make about your services. Digital tools such as Yext, BirdEye or Grade Us, which are integrated with the platform, allow us to know first-hand the user reviews of our company on the network and to carry out an average rating.


But, with so much information, how can we channel and analyze it at a single glance?

Digital 360 allows us to prepare personalized reports, collecting the specific data that interests us most. These reports are made with defined templates, through dashboards and graphs, of each of the sections. In addition, it has the possibility of programming so that from time to time they are prepared automatically and sent directly. Without a doubt, a great support for the design and monitoring of marketing strategies.

In short, the Top position tool provides a multitude of benefits:

  • Integration of all data from more than 40 sources, including Google, Bing, the main social networks and external tools for email, calls and digital reputation, in a single platform.
  • Creation of personalized panels with all the information.
  • In-depth study of the SEO characteristics of our website and its audit.
  • Complete study of the traffic that reaches our website.
  • All the information from our social networks in one place, without the need to enter each social network to know the data.
  • Scheduled reports with all the information that interests us about each of the accounts. Detailed, easy to create and automatic.

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