Internet advertising, also known as online advertising, is becoming more and more important for any business. The Internet gains audience every moment.

Many companies already know the profitability offered by Internet advertising. Investment in digital advertising in Spain grew 10% more than the previous year. If you are still not convinced, at Top Position we can give you the keys to make a profitable investment in online advertising.

There are multiple supports for Internet advertising. The traditional ones such as text, links, banner, videos or animation still have strength in the network, but they are giving way to the growing market for contextual online advertising. Google has capitalized on the industry with a revolutionary sponsored ad system: Adwords.

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This concept of internet advertising is also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), placement of ads in search engine results through a pay-per-click (PPC) system.

This same method of online advertising is emerging on Facebook, the world’s most visited social network. In this social media, companies can segment their ads in great detail to reach their target audience.

It is useless to attract unskilled traffic to our website. Contextual or segmented Internet advertising systems allow us to invest only in users who search for our products, services, themes, etc.

From Top Position we offer our clients strategic advice before launching an ad campaign. In addition, we manage advertising strategies on Facebook and advertising on Google, offering detailed reports and monitoring reports for each advertising campaign on the Internet.

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