Advertising campaigns on LinkedIn are ideal to reach an audience with a professional profile. They are of great help to develop your brand, increase visibility, generate possible contacts and gain notoriety and provoke dissemination.

According to data from the social network itself, more than 433 million people are part of LinkedIn. This, in order to be connected and informed, advance their professional career and work intelligently. The network brings together 61 million top-level influencers, 40 million decision-makers, 22 million consumers with high purchasing power, 10 million opinion leaders, six million senior executives, four million people in charge from IT decision making and three million MBA graduates.

As the most effective platform to interact with the people that most interest your company, advertising on LinkedIn is becoming more frequent. For the campaigns to be successful it is convenient to have the help of a professional team. At Top Position we are experts in managing different types of ads on LinkedIn, focused on different targets and for different sectors.

Advertising campaigns on LinkedIn are managed from LinkedIn Ads, a platform that allows you to do a more detailed segmentation at a professional level, since you can search or exclude users according to their job title, years of experience, sector, company, age, etc.

Advantages of advertising on LinkedIn

  • Publicize your business on a powerful platform.
  • You can show the corporate image of your brand.
  • It allows you to find out news about your sector, the interests of your clients and business needs.
  • You will come into contact with a wide network of professionals in your sector.
  • Greater business growth. On LinkedIn you can find new customers, partners and suppliers to expand your business.
  • LinkedIn is a social network that has a multitude of formats, eye-catching and visual.
  • You can adapt the budget of advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, according to the needs of your company.

Depending on the objective sought, the social network offers different options to carry out advertising campaigns on LinkedIn:

  • Sponsored content. In this way, customers will be captured and brand awareness will increase. It is an ideal choice to spread your content on multiple devices: desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Sponsored content appears in the feed of the company page. Both on the home page and on the right side of it.
  • Used to send direct messages to LinkedIn mailboxes of users who are interested in the company. One of its biggest advantages is that it offers very good segmentation possibilities to reach who your target audience really is.
  • Display ads. Promotions are carried out in banner format and advertisements can be purchased through advertising platforms and public and private auctions.
  • Dynamic ads. They are used to interact with the most interested professionals. To do this, custom ads are created. That is, depending on the activity and the profile of the audience, one or the other will appear. They include copies and calls to action.
  • Text ads. The promotion is carried out through short texts, which are prominently located -at the top or to the right of the web- on LinkedIn. It is the simplest and cheapest option when it comes to advertising on LinkedIn.

How to do advertising campaigns on LinkedIn

Before creating an advertising campaign on LinkedIn, make sure you have a personal account and a company page. Then, you can start following these steps:

  1. Create a campaign manager profile.
  2. Determine which ads you will use, taking into account the ones that best suit your goals.
  3. Segment your audience.
  4. Determine your advertising campaign budget on LinkedIn. You can choose a cost per click model, cost per thousand, among others.
  5. Indicate the start and end date of the announcements.

Measuring the results of your advertising campaigns on LinkedIn is easy, since the social network provides you with useful and detailed information about the performance of your ads, data from LinkedIn members who have clicked on your content and the interactions you have had.

In order to attract an audience, it is essential that simple, clear and direct language is used in advertising on LinkedIn. Also, attractive and high-quality images. You can also use videos that tend to attract more attention than text articles.

Carrying out advertising campaigns on LinkedIn requires time, experience and strategic vision. In this way, your ads will reach the most interested professionals in the best way. Therefore, you will get better results. Contact us if you are looking to increase the reach of your brand, present your products and increase your conversions, thanks to the advertising campaigns of the professional social network par excellence.