Contrata YA tu campaña Google Ads

Advertising on Google is currently one of the best investments on the Internet.

This advertising model is part of what is known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), in which the client can place ads – in a relevant way – in search results or on portals directly related to the theme of their business.

Google advertising works through a system called Adwords, which inserts ads into the results of a google search related to the keywords that the user is looking for, or within a web page related to the words in the content of that page.

Your business cannot be left behind. An SEM campaign is essential to increase your sales or achieve any other of your objectives on the Internet. You will only pay Google for each click that customers make on your ad.

Advantages of Google advertising?

  • Ads will only be shown to users who are most interested in their content.
  • It allows to precisely segment the target audience and the appearance of the ads.
  • Effectively measures the return on investment (ROI).
  • Allows you to follow campaigns in real time.

At Top Position we have experts in management from Google advertising , who will help you direct all the processes of an SEM campaign:

  • Strategic advice for the definition of campaigns.
  • Study of keywords.
  • Writing of announcements.
  • Campaign management through the Google Adwords tool.
  • Reports on the status of the campaigns.

If you want to know more about advertising on Google, ask us your questions or request a quote, we will gladly assist you.

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