The SEM audit is an increasingly useful service, especially for companies that launch Google advertising campaigns on their own with considerable investment or companies that have no experience in this type of advertising. In the post-Covid era we are going through, having a good strategy in Google Ads will serve companies to boost the acquisition of new customers, in addition to generating significant and sustainable savings in investment.

Today there are many agencies or consultancies that offer SEM audits, but companies must choose carefully who they trust to audit their campaigns. By implementing the appropriate changes and improvements we can optimize our investment: get more clicks and conversions with less money.

At Top Position we have been conducting SEM audits for more than a decade, with our own methodology and which thoroughly addresses all the possibilities offered by the Google Ads advertising tool (formerly known as Google Adwords).

What is an SEM audit?

The SEM (Search Engine Marketing) audit is a report that includes an analysis of both search campaigns and Google’s content network campaigns (Display) and Remarketing. We carry out an analysis of the current situation in each section of the campaigns, and provide specific recommendations for those areas for improvement.

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The audit of Google Ads is divided into three areas: first, the analysis of Search campaigns, second, the analysis of Display campaigns – in the event that the client carries out this type of advertising – and finally, remarketing campaigns. In both Search and Display we audit campaign, ad group, ad, keyword and landing page levels.

What does the SEM audit focused on search campaigns include?

In the Google Ads audit for search campaigns, we carried out an exhaustive analysis of all the levels and sections that a campaign with these characteristics has, and provides tips to improve each of the variables analyzed. This audit includes the review of:

  • Campaign configuration: knowing our objectives, which is our audience and where it is located, we must correctly focus our search campaigns correctly configuring geographic segmentation, choosing the right budget, the method of publication, the bid strategy, the configuration of Conversions, ad rotation, priority of publication according to devices and analyze auction data of competitors.

In addition, we will see the scope and effectiveness of the main success indicators (KPIs) of a campaign: impressions, clicks, ClickThrough Rate (CTR), Average Cost Per Click (CPC), conversions, cost per conversion, conversion rate, among others.

  • Structure and Ad Groups: For the correct operation of the campaigns and after reviewing the configuration, the next step in the audit of Google Ads is the review of the ad groups of the SEM campaign. It is important to fine-tune the maximum cost per click (max CPC); ad group number and adequacy of these groups to the campaign; number of ads and rotation; ad success rate; use of ad extensions; quality of the text of the ads, positions and market share compared to competitors.
  • Keywords: Equal or more important than the settings and ad group, are the keywords of the campaigns. These are the search terms that will trigger our ads when a potential client uses the search engine. In the SEM audit we will carry out a study for the adequacy of the keywords in the different ad groups, as well as the type of match used. The quality levels of these search terms are also audited, the keywords that best convert, adequacy in the bid of each of those keywords, possible incorporation of new keywords, CTR, use of negative keywords, among other KPIs.
  • Landing pages: in order for Google Ads campaigns to be of quality, in addition to having the campaigns well structured, we must have an appropriate landing page. The so-called landing page, will be the page that users will reach from our ads. The report we prepared also analyzed the suitability of landing pages for campaigns: relevance, usability, meta tags, page load time, texts, form review, conversion tests, A/B Test proposals.

What does the SEM audit focused on Display campaigns include?

In the Google Ads audit for Display / Remarketing Network campaigns, we carried out an exhaustive analysis of all the levels and sections that have this type of campaign, and specific recommendations are presented to improve each of the variables analyzed. This audit includes the review of:

  • Configuration: We review the objectives of the company to analyze the focus of the campaigns and to study their adequacy with the different types of segmentation offered by the Google Display Network. In the same way that in Search, we must have the language, the bid strategy, the conversion settings, the rotation of the ads well configured.In the hands of experts, the segmentation possibilities are extraordinary in order to effectively reach potential clients. Among others, we can segment by: country, city (in some cases, by districts), keywords, audiences, websites, locations, topics of interest, age, sex.
  • Ad groups and ads: In addition to segmenting our audience well, one of the keys is to reach those potential customers with an attractive ad. In the SEM audit we analyze the behavior of the ads: clicks, CTR, average CPC, conversions, conversion rate, landing page. We also offer recommendations to improve campaign banners, reinforce the ads that are working best, etc.

What does the SEM audit focused on Remarketing campaigns include?

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Finally, we analyze Remarketing campaigns, which are vital to reach users who have passed through our website in other ways.

In the case of Remarketing, in addition to all of the above, we make sure that the audience lists are correctly created and associated with the relevant campaigns.

In the case of Remarketing ad groups, we will study the different categories, services or products of the company so that the appropriate Remarketing lists can be made, and that we can appear to users with a specific ad about what they have looked at. our website.

How to get an SEM audit?

If you need an SEM audit, ask for several proposals, and don’t just look at the price, remember that a quality report will allow you to optimize your campaigns and your investment well. Make sure that you entrust this service to an experienced consultant or agency with a sound methodology that guarantees a useful audit with high added value.

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We know from experience that a SEM audit, in addition to improving the quality and conversions of the campaign, represents a very significant cost savings, which can range between 10% and 40% of the investment, depending on the level of prior optimization of the bells.

If you have any questions about our SEM audit service, you can contact us or request a quote. We will be happy to help you.

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