Public Relations on the Internet, Online PR are today a fundamental tool for companies to maximize their impact on the network.

In a society so saturated with information, you must take advantage of the Internet to gain visibility, as well as to create and consolidate relationships with users, journalists and all those directly or indirectly involved in your business. So that all these audiences have a positive image of their brands, products and services.

Relaciones Públicas Online

At Top Position we take care of managing your Public Relations on the Internet, which is important in the 21st century.

A good online PR strategy will bring you multiple benefits: qualified traffic, increasing value and confidence in your brand, generating links, among others.

Leave the online Public Relations of your company in our hands through:

  • Online press releases
  • Relationship and participation in Forums and Blogs
  • Preparation and sending of Newsletter
  • E-mail marketing: viral marketing campaigns and mailing to relevant listings
  • Virtual press room

Contact us to request information about advice in the management of public relations online for your company.