SEO auditing is an increasingly demanded service, especially when companies launch a new website or online store, or want to boost their strategy in this new post-Covid-19 era. In each of these cases it is essential that your digital presence is optimized for Google and other search engines.

Currently there are many agencies or consultancies that offer this service, but companies must choose carefully who they trust to audit their website from the point of view of search engine optimization or SEO.

At Top Position we have been conducting SEO audits for more than a decade, with our own methodology that we have been improving over the years.

Two types of SEO audits are worth distinguishing: SEO audit focused on a website or SEO audit focused on a number of priority keywords.

SEO audit focused on a website

When it comes to the first type, website-focused SEO auditing, our scope has three fundamental parts.

auditoria seo

  • Review of internal SEO factors (on-page) structural

Here the analysis is not page by page, but covers the website as a whole. It includes:

    • The Dominion. Correct management of www, age, review of possible domain penalties, etc.
    • Quality of indexing, number of pages indexed
    • The accommodation (hosting), quality and location
    • Web structure, correct pagerank flow, hierarchy, menu optimization and levels
    • Review of URLs
    • Keyword strategy. Adequate strategic deployment
    • Quality of content, especially of texts: unique, original and natural
    • Level of freshness of the web
    • Degree of optimization of keyword densities
    • Structural recommendations for optimization of internal links
    • Structural recommendations for outbound link optimization
    • General loading speed of the website
    • Optimization txt file
    • Optimization XML file sitemap
    • Usability
  • Review of external SEO (off-page) factors
    • Domain authority
    • Profile of the links: quality, quantity and variety of domains from which the links come, geographic origin, relevance, anchor texts
    • Links growth rate and trends
    • Analysis of external links from 3 competitors, reviewing the potential quality links that our website receives
    • Analysis of keywords in prominent positions (top 3, top 10, top 20)
    • Analysis of competitor positions
    • Online reputation of the brand and domain in Google
    • Presence and interaction on Social Networks
  • Thorough review of buggy pages and opportunities for improvement

In the third part of our audit, we analyzed the pages of the website reviewing 44 SEO factors, assigning them a rating (correct, warning or improvable, and critical errors / mistakes).

Ten of those 44 factors that we analyze for all pages are:

    • Pages with broken internal links. We analyze, page by page, all those that have some internal link that does not work, because Google penalizes them.
    • Pages with broken external links. We analyze, page by page, all those that have an external link that does not work, because Google penalizes them.
    • Pages without title tag. This is a basic mistake that should be avoided at all costs.
    • Pages with duplicate title tag. Likewise, it is a mistake that costs us dearly and we must remedy it.
    • Pages with a very long title tag. The title tag, the most important for Google, has an optimal length, and is a mistake that is too long.
    • Pages with very short title tag. We must also correct the pages that have it excessively short.
    • H1 mismatch and title tag. This error is frequent and must be corrected.
    • Pages without H1. It also happens frequently and we should avoid it.
    • Pages with multiple H1 headings. If we have several H1s on the same page, we are confusing Google and probably the users.
    • Duplicate content. This is even more serious, Google does not index duplicate content, and penalizes us for it. It occurs very frequently.

To these criteria we add 34 more, and in the report we detail all the errors and opportunities on each page, one by one.

auditoria seo

Of course, this type of website-wide SEO audit will take great account of what type of website it is. When we talk about an e-commerce website or online store, the structure and hierarchy of the website take on special relevance, as well as the optimization of product pages. We have been doing SEO for e-commerce and SEO for Amazon for years.

SEO audit focused on keywords

If we talk about a second type of SEO audit, more focused on a few strategic keywords, then we have to look more at Google results and the pages that manage to appear in the top positions, to make a comparative report (SEO Benchmark Report) that indicates the optimal parameters for each keyword or group of keywords.


It is vital that these audits are translated into detailed, visual and clear reports, which allow recommendations to be easily managed. We also add annexes with the detail of errors and opportunities of the pages, one by one.

informe auditoria seo

In summary, if you need an SEO audit, ask for several proposals, and don’t just look at the price, because the cheapest may cost you elswhere. Make sure you entrust this service to a consultant or agency with experience and a solid methodology that guarantees a useful audit with high added value.

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