The management of social networks revolutionizes the established guidelines so far in digital communication.

In Spain, 62% of the population uses social networks in 2020, according to Digital In 2020 in collaboration with We Are Social and Hootsuite. Globally, 49% of the population accesses social networks worldwide.

This critical mass forces the main social networks – Facebook, Instagram – and websites with a social or networking component – Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn – to be included in a fast and effective online communication strategy.

Undoubtedly, all companies should participate in social networks, through a social networking plan, but many wonder how to do it and where to start.

Gestión de Redes Sociales Top Position

Analyze your social assets with Socialbakers

At Top Position we solve this and other questions related to the presence of your company in social networks. Likewise, we have Socialbakers, a tool that allows you to easily manage all your social network profiles. With this platform, we can measure, compare and contrast the success of all our campaigns to achieve the best result on the most effective social media.

It has measurement and comparison functionalities to analyze the current situation against our competition and determine possible improvements in the next campaigns. In addition, all social networks can be viewed at the same time from the tool itself clearly and quickly.

Depending on the nature of your company, your social media presence strategy will vary to obtain adequate participation and interaction with your user community.

Furthermore, it is important to define the target audience we are going to target. Different social networks have different profiles both in age range and in countries of origin, professional groups, etc.

Apart from ‘being’ on social media, you have to know how to ‘be good’. It is not enough to open an account and wait for users to come to us. It is important to have a strategic plan for social networks and carry out actions such as advertising on social networks. It takes time and effort to have a proper presence on social networks.

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