Twitter is conceptually a microblogging service. The possibility of ‘following’ users and being ‘followed’ through a profile, makes it a powerful tool with characteristics very similar to those of a social network, which must be taken into account in any online communication strategy .

Many companies have already developed successful Twitter presence strategies. As in most social networks and web applications with social components, Twitter needs to define adequate guidelines for our presence and interaction with users.

We must be clear about the objective we are pursuing before registering our company profile on Twitter. Otherwise, it could even be counterproductive to our strategy.

Gestión de Twitter - Top Position

Among the uses that a Twitter profile has for companies, we find among the most common the exchange of news and content related to corporate news or products / services, the sharing of interesting links related to the sector and the monitoring and / or retransmission live events. It can also be used to listen to what they say about our products or as an effective system to improve customer service. Or even to hire employees. Twitter allows not only to publish information, but also to listen to and talk to our target audience.

Another reason why we should use Twitter is because it allows us to generate content in real time. Search engines such as Google and Bing have taken note of this and will soon include messages sent via Twitter (called tweets, tweets or tweets) within their search results.

Do you want to know what people say about your company on Twitter? Do you think you should answer?

If you want to use Twitter as part of your communication strategy, contact us and we will share with your company our experience helping other clients.