What is Socialbakers?

Socialbakers is a digital tool that allows you to easily manage all the profiles you have on social networks in a clear and simple way. With this platform, you can measure, compare and contrast the success of all your campaigns to get the best result and improve your performance.

In addition, it has measurement and comparison functionalities to analyze the current situation against its competition and determine possible improvements in the next campaigns. All social networks can be viewed at the same time from the tool itself in a fast and effective way.

What does SocialBakers offer you?

The Socialbakers system offers you complete analytics on the management of each profile, allowing you to know if the strategies you are implementing are working or not. Socialbakers helps both large companies and small entrepreneurs to get the best return on the resources invested in social networks.

On the other hand, it has a very interesting plus and that is that it offers you a package of solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. This with the aim of helping your brand generate high commercial results with a well distributed investment.

And it helps you grow your customer base by personalizing content based on data collected from the audience.

The different functionalities of Socialbakers provide you with valuable information:

Las diferentes funcionalidades de Socialbakers le aportan valiosa información:

  • Dashboard: data export and custom reports
    Numerous widgets allow you to create custom reports with both company and competitor performances. In addition, there are several options that save time and effectiveness, such as scheduling sending or sharing data with other people who have a profile on the same account.
  • Analytics of all social networks
    Analyze in real time the publications that are carried out and all the responses that each piece of content receives from the audience. With all these data analyses, evaluating possible changes or improvements will be much easier. You have all the data in an organized and synthesized way through these filters:

    • Overview: perform an audit with the most remarkable data. It reflects the average of interaction per publication, as well as the evolution, distribution and type of publications that have obtained the highest number of interactions.
    • Report: Provides data such as follower growth and detailed post analysis.
    • Engagement: focuses on the interaction by users: average interactions for each post, the type of publication with the highest participation, global interactions, reactions, etc.
    • Optimize: This section is reserved for the analysis of paid content and its interactions. In addition, it indicates what is the best day and the best time to post.
    • Statistics: likes, reach, visits or the origin of the users are some of the measurements that the tool gives to verify the situation of the channel.
    • Comparison with the competition: knowing how your competitors are performing can help you improve your campaigns in a remarkable way.

socialbakers análisis redes sociales

  • Publisher
    Integrate the content of the different networks into a single calendar. So you can easily review posts and sync channels to post the same content simultaneously.
  • Listening
    It allows you to monitor conversations in real time on the platforms you choose, as well as export their analysis according to the keywords and through multiple social media platforms. You will know what is said about your brand at all times.

What are the advantages of Socialbakers?

  • Know the performance: when you decide to undertake a digital marketing strategy it is very important to know whether or not you are performing well and what needs to be improved for it to perform well. That is where Socialbakers comes in, as it allows you to know in detail how your strategy is working in terms of the proposed objectives and the brand’s competitors.
  • Improve communication with fans: communication with fans is very important and Socialbakers knows this very well. Therefore, thanks to its ability to measure the relationship between the brand and its followers, the company can determine the factors to improve. In addition, failures in customer service can be identified thanks to the data that the  The system takes into account, such as the time it takes the company to respond to comments or the time of day when more are received.
  • Improving content: Socialbakers has a section called Content News Feed. There you can take a look at the publications that have the most interest from users and followers of the brand. By having all the data about interactions, you can determine which are the best performing and redirect the strategy.
  • Detailed analysis: it allows you to know in detail how your different organic and paid campaigns are working.
  • Increased number of insights: Socialbakers aims to provide you with a much greater number of insights in a simplified and visual way. Which improves navigation through the different accounts in social networks and the generation of reports.
  • Essential metrics: this tool has as a differential factor the focus on essential metrics to improve user service on social networks.
  • Implementation of Instagram Insights: Socialbakers includes among its Instagram metrics the number of followers and its increase on a monthly basis. Unlike other social networks, on Instagram, reach and interaction comes from users who follow the brand and who see their posts in their feed. Therefore, it is necessary to follow up and increase the volume of the audience, the larger the fan base, the greater the potential reach and interaction.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the promoted posts: with Socialbakers you can analyze the effectiveness of the posts you promote, you can also compare the interaction they receive with organic posts. In addition, you can compare the promoted content of the competition and analyze its performance. This, of course, will help you a lot when benchmarking your competitors and providing relevant information for strategy development.
  • Quick to create custom reports: reports can be created in a fast and personalized way with the metrics that interest you most. You can also download them in PowerPoint, PNG or PDF. On the other hand, you can schedule these reports to send them regularly by mail to the users you want. Also, you can generate an automatic report for each section.

New functionalities on the platform

Cross-platform dashboard

The new Socialbakers options aim to offer a greater number of insights in a simplified and visual way, improving navigation through the different accounts on social networks and the generation of reports.

One of the main innovations is the Summary option for social networks, which allows a quick vertical summary of all the pages monitored through different social networks.

This functionality allows you to see, at a glance, during a selected period, the growth in the number of fans or followers, the total number of posts made, the number of interactions and their distribution by type, as well as the top 5 posts with the best results. obtained.

Comparative dashboard with the competition

This option allows to analyze, at a glance, the most important KPIs of the brand next to the most relevant competitors and compare with the industry average through the creation of labels.

It also allows you to identify which content works best within the competition and apply the information obtained for the brand’s content strategy.

The analysis of the competition is not limited to the main KPIs, it is also possible to visualize and compare the response time to the users with the selected competitors. This can be of great help to know the average response time of the competition or to establish the response time of the brand.

Without a doubt, Socialbakers is a great opportunity for you to improve your presence on social networks. Are you tempted to try it?

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