What is UX – Web Usability?

If one site is difficult to use, the user will go to another, resulting in a loss of time and motivation for the user.

One of the keys to solving this problem is found in the User Experience (UX) – Web Usability.

User Experience (UX) and Web Usability are one of the most important factors in the success or failure of a website, a maximum symbol of quality, so it will be useless to have a website with the latest design, if the User is not able to find what he is looking for.

Therefore, the User Experience (UX) – Web Usability translates into the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which the user manages to achieve his goals on a website.

Furthermore, an improvement in User Experience (UX) or Usability translates into:


What do we do?

In this sense, from Top Position, through our own analysis system of more than eighty variables and a team of experts in this discipline, we will ensure that the user achieves his objective in an easy, effective and pleasant way.

To do this, our strategy is made up of four pillars: a UX Audit – Web Usability, a Sketch or Prototyping, the Evaluation of the work carried out and help in implementation.