What are User Tests?

User tests are usability tests based on the analysis of how users navigate the websites, in order to find usage problems. User tests are carried out in order to detect specific errors in the most common tasks to be carried out on the web.

For this, three phases will be carried out:

Test con Usuarios - Top Position

The technique used for the test will depend on the objectives to be evaluated:

  • Thinking Aloud. This test consists of the user browsing the web while thinking aloud. The expert will write down everything the user comments to later analyze it and draw conclusions.
  • Cardsorting. This type of test, especially recommended for websites with extensive menus, is based on the user grouping and associating with each other a number of cards tagged with the different thematic categories of the website.
  • Observation. In this case, the examiner performs a test with various actions that the user must perform. The examiner will observe all the movements of the user until completing the action and will time the time it takes.