What is UX Audit – Web Usability?

The purpose of the User Experience (ux) and web usability is that the user is able to achieve his goal effectively, simply and pleasantly. And it is in this sense that the UX Audit – Web Usability is directed.

The audit consists of a report of between 40 and 80 pages in which more than 80 variables related to correct user navigation on a website are analyzed, grouped into thirteen general principles of ux or web usability.

This report is based on its own analysis system, in which, through a mathematical formula, a UX or web usability rating is obtained. Depending on the type of website to be analyzed, each of the variables analyzed, manually by our experts, will have a different weight in the mathematical formula, which will facilitate us to establish an order of priority when it comes to solving errors on the web.

In this sense, with this Audit you will obtain:


UX Audit Examples – Web Usability

The Web Audit reports are divided into the thirteen principles analyzed. The qualification obtained is shown for each principle, as well as the most detailed analysis of each of the variables belonging to the principle (loading speed, position of the “shopping cart”, type and size of font, nomenclature of categories, way of presenting information, consistent symbols, ect.). Of the detected errors, a recommendation is offered to solve it.