Web design is essential for success on the Internet. But nowadays, having a good looking website is not enough to achieve an adequate online presence.

Web design has evolved in such a way that in addition to the visual component, it requires following some basic programming and structure guidelines, in such a way that it is optimized from the first day, to allow it to position itself properly in the main search engines.

It is useless to have a visually spectacular web page, if it does not appear in the results when a user searches – in Google for example – the terms associated with our product or service.

Diseño Web Top Position

At Top Position when creating a website, we care as much about aesthetics as it is optimal for search engines.

Web design cannot be taken lightly. It constitutes a key step to build a proper identity and presence on the Internet. If it is not possible to attract quality traffic and maintain the user’s interest in the contents, our website will not have fulfilled the task for which it was originally designed.

Thanks to our experience, we have been able to develop a web design methodology that allows us to guarantee optimal results in search engine positioning.

Google, with more than 90% of the search engine market in Spain, is our frame of reference when it comes to implementing an optimized web design that starts its position on the front foot, practically from the launch stage.

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