Blogs are the evolution of the first ‘online newspapers’ and personal pages that emerged on the Internet in the late nineties.

Currently, blogs have become indispensable components of an adequate digital communication strategy. They allow us to get closer to our target audience and engage in direct conversation with them.


Blogs are the perfect complement to a website. Their versatility allows us to adapt them to the specific communication needs of each company or institution. In addition, its simplicity and ease of management speed up its start-up.

Of course, this simplicity should not mean neglecting the tasks associated with its maintenance and development.

Blogs require time and dedication to achieve the goals for which they are created. If things are done well, over time, many blogs become ‘authorities’ for a specific topic. For companies, it is an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of their services or products. Or even to complement your corporate social responsibility strategy, dealing with a topic of general interest that benefits the community.

At Top Position we help you get started in the world of blogging, or we advise you on how to improve your results if you already have one running.

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