Web page design has evolved simultaneously to programming languages ​​and specific technology dedicated to the development of websites and applications on the Internet.

A design and web structure optimized for search engines, especially the industry leader, Google, together with current and quality content, are necessary to facilitate an adequate presence on the Internet.

If your new web pages are conceived and designed without thinking about Google, they will never be able to obtain prominent positions in the search results of this search engine. Natural positioning will be very difficult. Your online strategy will be stunted forever. Or you will have to make a new investment of time and money later, to adapt your web pages to Google. It is much better that you consider Google from the beginning. That is why Top Position offers you a web page design optimized for Google but still considers other search engines.

On the other hand, UX or usability plays an indisputable role in the creation of web pages. Now it is not enough just to get users to reach our website, it is necessary to captivate them and really offer useful content to get them to return, in short, they must be loyal.


Depending on the objective they pursue, we could group corporate web pages into three types. Firstly, we would have web pages exclusively dedicated to disseminating the corporate identity of a company. Secondly we would have those dedicated to marketing a product or service. And a third group of web pages would be the mixed ones, which are oriented to cover both aspects.

Defining the objective of our web pages is essential to have a clear starting point, before deciding which design and structure is best for our web pages.

At Top Position we dedicate the necessary time to analyze each of these aspects to define the scope of our projects and thus avoid web pages not optimized for their positioning, web pages with irrelevant information and web pages with content that is inappropriate for the purpose they pursue.

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